Unfounded Fears #2

Being Attacked in the Shower

Although its not nearly as bad as it used to
I have this incredible feeling that someone
is going to attack me when I'm in the shower


It happens a lot when Im in a shower with a curtain vs. the see through glass doors
It gets to the point where i break out into a cold sweat and basically have a panic attack
and i force myself to peek out behind the curtain and make sure

I really have no reason to be afraid of this
I lock the bathroom doors, and someone else is nearly always home
Movies or books that talk about being attacked in the shower never freak me out
It just sort of started happening
Getting this creepy feeling that someone is watching you


There are a few things that make it better:
  1. Those frosted glass doors
  2. Well lit showers
  3. See through shower curtains (although that makes my inner designer cringe)
  4. Windows to the outside in the bathroom, especially if they are in the shower
I don't really have a problem with people seeing me naked or anything
In fact I pretty much walk around naked in front of windows constantly
And I never feel vulnerable normally

And I'm not normally afraid of small places
So I don't think that its claustrophobia or anything

It's just I don't like the idea of someone being there and not knowing it I guess


Unfounded Fears #1

Old Ladies With Dyed Red Hair

Ever since I can remember,
I have been terrified of old ladies with unnaturally dyed red hair
Specifically if they have the old lady poof going on


Now, I have nothing against them personally
and I feel really bad because they are probably really sweet
but i cant help it

I used to have recurring night mares as a kid
of being left at home with a baby sitter
that was an old lady
and was really nice and all
untill my parents left
and then she would kill/ torture me in different ways

Each time was a bit different
sometimes knives, knitting needles etc.
sometimes she would let me live
and then my parents wouldn't believe me when i told them what happened


(insert Psycho violin shrieks)




Happy Fathers Day
From my great grandpa


Living Space

When i was little
I decided that there were three places that i would live when i grew up:

#1. Inside a huge tree

#2. In a pick up camper as i traveled around the country

#3. Underneath a highway overpass

I still think it would be cool to live in the tree




I like to imagine that street lights at night off in the distance
are really space ships

and then I imagine what I would do If that were true
Which is probably something along the lines of being dead



Useless Knowledge ftw


I have always been an extremely curious person.
I get into these moods ever so often where I become
slightly obsessed about a certain topic
and have to learn as much as I possibly can about it.

These things have come to include topics like:
  • The Castrato singers of the Sistine Chapel and in Opera
  • All sorts of religions especially Wicca, Buddhism, and Hinduism
  • Judgment day/ the end of the world
  • Phenomenon such as out of body experiences and past lives
  • The Royal family
  • Geisha, especially apprentice
  • The atomic ark and other military experiments
  • Numerous serial killers
  • Feral children such as Genie
  • Many forms of Cryptzoology
  • 15th century alchemy scrolls, especially The Ripley Scroll
I'm sure there are a lot more things besides these
I guess I'm just weird
But I love useless knowledge.