Honey Roasted Joy


I have been saying for years that Honey Bunches of Oats
should just sell the delicious honey roasted oat clusters by themselves,
and cut out all of the unneccessary cereal components


but yea,
The cereal fairy granted my wish
So I got a box and have been pretty much munching on it all week

The only complaint that I have, is that the box is teeny tiny
like anorexic Barbie sized
Which is somewhat depressing

Nom Nom Nom


To Do:


1. Get a bird companion
2. Get a french bull dog
3. Aquire clothing for said bull dog
4. Survive relative visit
5. Watch more movies
6. Not be lonely
7. Begin lots of hand made clothing projects
8. And probably not finish them
9. Aquire more red stuff
10. Catch more Pokemon
11. Finish the book im reading
12. Web Comic
13. Become a pin up model
14. IKEA
15. Tattoos
16. Have personal army of Space Marines.