Trapper Keepers for Lyfe

So whatever happened to Trapper Keepers?


I used to have a collection of my very own Trapper Keepers when i was little
It used to make me so sad because my school wouldn't let us use them
So my collection just sat at home collecting dust, just waiting for the day when i could use them
My favorites were a Mickey Mouse one, and then also a Lion King one that had Timone and Pumba on the cover
It was pretty pimp

Looking back on it, i never had any use for them for anything
If i could bring it to school i would have just put like my paper dolls and comic books and fake money in the folders
Showed it off to my friends, but thats about it

Now, however, that they are no longer in style is when they would come in handy
Fuck using a briefcase,
Im going to carry a Trapper Keeper
Thats professional, right?